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OEM Business

Service 01

NFC Tag Figurines

NFC-tag-mounted figurines are taking the world by storm. Consumers can enjoy a unique game experience by developing their own individual character. Using our experience and production know-how, TAKEYA holds a substantial share in the production of these figurines.
We are proud to deliver a more reliable and trusted product based on world-class quality standards.
We also have experience in manufacturing NFC tag readers, which connect to the game console.

Service 02

Video Game Accessories

Our mission is to make household gaming cooler, more fun, and more convenient.
Using TAKEYA’s know-how of the industry, we provide a full service from product development through to manufacturing and shipping, to create safer and more reliable products of an international standard.

Service 03

Sports Bottles

Like our own brand TAKEYA FLASK, we provide world-class stainless steel bottle products with high functionality, safety, durability and design, as well as our own brand TAKEYA FLASK. It is widely used in famous sports manufacturers active in the world, golf brands, yoga and fitness industry.

Service 04

Healthcare Products

With food & beverage containers for such things as home-made juices and supplement shakes, TAKEYA caters to the widely-varying needs of our customers, and supports a healthy daily lifestyle.
Our experienced quality assurance team is well equipped to meet the needs of the food & beverage industry standards.

Service 05

Baby & Infant Products

TAKEYA helps create joy and lighten the pressures of infant care with our extensive catalogue of products for children.
Putting quality first and foremost, we work with our customers from the planning & design stages to supply reliable products that families can use with complete peace of mind.